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Welcome to Pinky Promise Pediatric Dentistry!

June 24, 2022

Dr. Neelon Patel, Naperville’s Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Neelon Patel is so excited for the opportunity to provide her community with incredible pediatric dental care. Her extensive experience and compassionate, gentle approach helps to keep even the tiniest of patients feeling calm and comfortable throughout every visit. And her commitment to patient and parent education helps to foster a lifelong appreciation for learning and oral health for all of her little smiles.

Dedicated to Patient Education

As the mother of young children herself, Dr. Neelon Patel knows how much of a difference it can make when learning is actually fun! That’s why she invests much of her time in finding new and exciting ways to educate her patients and their parents, both while they are in the office and out living their lives. She has curated some of her favorite educational resources here on our website, so you won’t have to scour the internet for reliable information to share with your child. 

Additionally, she loves going to schools and teaching kids about dentistry and oral health. She knows that the earlier children practice good oral hygiene habits, the more likely they are to have a healthy smile, and a positive view of their oral health and dentistry in general.

Modern Dentistry For Children

Innovations in dentistry are good for everyone, especially when it comes to the comfort of our little patients. Low-radiation digital radiographs are clear, fast, and above all, safer than traditional x-rays. Digital impressions mean no more goopy, uncomfortable, putty-filled trays. Panoramic scanning makes for seamless imaging for even more accurate treatment planning. And accuracy means less waiting time for restless kiddos. Plus all these high-tech images make for a more engaging and educational experience, because you and your little one can see exactly what Dr. Neelon Patel sees!

Make Pinky Promise Your Child’s Dental Home!

With a beautiful office, advanced technology, and a compassionate team of dedicated dental professionals, Pinky Promise Pediatric Dentistry is the ideal dental home for your child. Dr. Neelon Patel’s commitment to quality care and patient education makes every visit a relaxing and fun experience for her little patients and their parents. So book your child’s visit today and experience what it means to smile outside the lines!

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