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What Is A Frenectomy?

Understanding The Basics

A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure that’s used to treat tongue ties (ankyloglossia). Tongue ties are common in infants. They occur when the band of tissue (frenulum) that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth is too thick. This can interfere with proper breast and bottle feeding, and cause other issues later in life. In a frenectomy, Dr. Neelon Patel will snip the band and restore your child’s oral range of motion.

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Does My Child Need A Frenectomy?

Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms

There are a few signs that your child may need a frenectomy. First, their tongue may appear “notched” or “heart-shaped” when they stick it out. Your child may also have trouble sticking their tongue out beyond their teeth. 

Feeding issues are the other major indicator. If your child is cranky, sleeps often when feeding, must feed for a long time, or is not gaining weight at the expected rate, these signs could indicate a tongue tie, which may require a frenectomy at Pinky Promise Pediatric Dentistry.

The Benefits Of Laser Frenectomies

At our office, we use the Solea CO2 laser to perform frenectomies instead of traditional surgical tools. Laser dentistry is ideal for treating tongue ties, and here are just a few benefits of a laser frenectomy from your pediatric dentist.

 No Pain Or Discomfort

Typically, your child won’t even need to be numbed. The high-intensity laser seals blood vessels and nerve endings as it cuts through tissue, which means it’s virtually painless and will cause minimal bleeding.

Faster Treatment

Laser frenectomies only take a few minutes. Dr. Neelon Patel will simply clean and prepare the site, and release the band of tissue with the laser. You and your child will be out the door before you know it.

Speedy Recovery

Laser frenectomies require no sutures, and have a faster overall recovery process compared to frenectomies performed with traditional surgical tools.

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The Frenectomy Treatment Process

What To Expect At Our Office

The process will take less than 15 minutes. First, Dr. Neelon Patel will examine the your child and answer any questions that you may have. Dr. Neelon Patel will then sanitize and prepare the treatment area. She will then use our laser to create an incision and remove some of the material from the frenulum. This frees it up, and allows your child’s tongue to move properly. Dr. Neelon Patel will go over instructions on how to care for your child after their surgery. You will have the option to go into our private nursing room immediately after the procedure.

Healing & Aftercare

Dealing With Discomfort

Most babies won’t experience any major discomfort, but if your infant is fussy, you can give them an appropriate dose of ibuprofen to help them stay comfortable.

Initial Healing

You’ll see a small grayish-white patch form in the incision area. This is normal. Over time, this patch will thicken and return to its normal color, usually within 2 weeks.

Tongue Stretches

Dr. Neelon Patel will give you some instructions on stretches you’ll need to do with your child. This moves the tongue around, and ensures it heals properly so that their tongue moves naturally. Follow her instructions to the letter to make sure your child recovers properly.

Follow Ups At Our Office

If you’re scheduled for a follow-up at our office, make sure to come to your appointment. Dr. Neelon Patel may check your child’s tongue and mouth to make sure the procedure worked properly, and that they have the correct range of motion.

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