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What Is a Dental Emergency?

Understanding the basics

A dental emergency is any oral issue that’s causing your child pain or discomfort, or extensive bleeding. Lots of things count as emergencies. This includes chipped teeth, knocked-out teeth, toothaches, and pulled-out fillings and crowns, to name just a few.

At your pediatric dentist in Naperville, Dr. Neelon Patel helps kids get the treatment they need to get out of pain and get back to being a kid. Contact us now at (630) 687-9292 to schedule a same-day appointment and keep your child’s mouth healthy.

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What to do in a dental emergency

First, call our team at (630) 687-9292 and tell us about your child’s issue. We can usually offer same-day appointments in Naperville. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment at our office, comfort your child, and reassure them that everything will be okay.

We recommend using clean paper towels, cotton balls, or gauze to absorb blood, if present. You can use ice to numb the outside of the cheek near the affected area. Your child can also take ibuprofen to help with discomfort.

These are all just temporary solutions, though. Make sure you come to Pinky Promise Pediatric Dentistry as scheduled to see Dr. Neelon Patel, and get your child the treatment they need to restore their smile.

What to Expect at their emergency appointment

Sedation is often a good option for kids that are nervous, anxious, or uncooperative. We offer a few different sedation options at our office.

oral exam & diagnosis

Dr. Neelon Patel will start by diagnosing your child’s condition. Then, she will discuss her findings with you. Together, you can decide on the right treatment plan for your little one.

sedation & Gentle treatment

We offer sedation options at our office, as well as laser dentistry. This helps keep your child feeling safe and comfortable while Dr. Neelon Patel performs their minimally-invasive treatment.

aftercare & follow ups

Aftercare steps may vary, depending on your child’s emergency. Dr. Neelon Patel will give you detailed recovery instructions. She also may schedule your child for a follow-up. If she does, make sure you come back to our office as scheduled.

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