Pediatric Dental Fillings in Naperville

What Are Dental Fillings?

Understanding the basics

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities in both baby and adult teeth. In a filling, Dr. Neelon Patel will gently drill away damaged enamel from around the cavity. Then, she will fill up the cavity with an inert, strong, tooth-like resin material. After she shapes and trims this resin, your child’s tooth will look as good as new. And as long as they maintain good oral hygiene, the tooth won’t be susceptible to future decay. Contact us now to schedule your child’s appointment in Naperville right away.

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Types of Fillings We Offer

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings use a blend of dental resin and crushed glass. This composite material is very strong, and is available in a variety of different shades and colors. That means that Dr. Neelon Patel can choose a filling material that matches your child’s tooth perfectly.

This also means that, unlike metal fillings, they do not discolor your child’s tooth. Composite fillings are also free of heavy metals such as mercury. While metal fillings are accepted as safe by the ADA, many parents prefer metal-free fillings for their kids.

What To Expect At Their Filling Appointment

Usually, the entire dental filling process takes less than 30 minutes from beginning to end. Here’s what you can expect from your child’s appointment at your Naperville pediatric dentist:

& Numbing

First, Dr. Neelon Patel will clean and numb the treatment area to prepare for the filling. We also offer sedation to help keep your little ones comfortable throughout the filling process.

Tooth Trimming
& Prep

Once your child’s tooth is numb, Dr. Neelon Patel will use a dental drill to gently remove any decayed enamel, cleaning up the tooth and ensuring it’s free of damaged tooth material.

Filling Placement & Adjustment

Next, Dr. Neelon Patel will select a tooth-colored composite filling material. She will place it directly into your child’s cavity, then shape and mold it to fit their tooth. She will harden it with a UV light, then continue trimming the filling and checking how it fits until it’s perfect. Then, you and your child will be sent home. That’s it!

Got Questions About Pediatric Dental Fillings? Get Answers!

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